♥ Sleeping Sheep ♥ Music for babies to fall asleep ♥

Fantástica música para dormir e relaxar os bebés e crianças mais irrequietas. Cenário hipnotizante e calmante com ovelhas a saltar. Fantastic music to relax and help fall asleep the most restless babies and children. Mesmerizing and soothing setting with sheep jumping over a fence.

Eureka – Huma Huma

Eureka – Huma Huma Night Earth Part II Relaxing earth view at night from space with calm ambient music from Huma Huma Music: Huma Huma – Eureka Images: NASA

Baby Vivaldi – Bedtime Classical Music – Four Seasons

  A visual depiction of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons portraying summer, fall, winter and spring through a colorful, engaging and soothing animation. Developed mainly to induce peaceful and relaxing feelings while stimulating critical thinking and creativity. Indicated for viewing before bedtime or when the child is uneasy.

Baby Mozart – Classical Music for Children

Beautiful Sun, Earth and Moon animation for kids with relaxing Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart music. Animação do Sol, Terra e da Lua com música de Mozart. Music: Advent Chamber Orchestra – 11 – Mozart – Laudate Dominum Brendan Kinsella – Mozart – Piano Sonata in B-flat major III Allegretto Grazioso Brendan Kinsella – Mozart – Sonata…