Your child safety on YouTube is in danger.


YouTube has become on of the main “go-to” sources for children educational and entertaining content. Unfortunately, many shady individuals have realized that your kids can be a source of revenue for them and will use every method to gain their attention.

These individuals will use your children favorite character and produce videos with those character engaging in sexual encounters, violence, scary and repulsive behavior.

Some of these channels are well known and have been reported multiple times. Unfortunately, YouTube doesn’t seem to be willing or capable to shut down and control these kind of channels.

These has become know as the ElsaGate scandal.

What you can do about it:

  • Do not ever let your children use YouTube without supervision.
  • Report inappropriate videos and channels.
  • Disable auto-play on YouTube.
  • Use the BlockTube extension for Firefox and Chrome.
  • Complaint to YouTube.

Remember, even thought there are extraordinarily good content for children on YouTube, the platform has been invaded by “ElsaGaters” with only profit in their mind that will look at nothing to keep the advertisers money flowing, even if it means putting your child mental health at risk.

Why this is bad to all of us:

For you and your child because their mental health is at stake, these channel publish highly inappropriate content.

For the original content creators, because it gives us bad reputation and we are constantly being hit by sanctions and new rules from YouTube that is incapable / unwilling to differentiate legitimate creators from ElsaGaters. These channels also make extensive use of bots, bought fake views and fake comments to boots their rankings, something that we can’t and won’t do, so, they will appear before us and will be suggested more often than legitimate and safe content creators.

For advertisers because they will be linked with disturbing material and are spending money on ads that are being viewed by bots most of the time.

Ultimately, for YouTube that instead of a source of great content that it used to be, is increasingly becoming labelled as a no-go place if you care for your children.

Thank you for reading. Stay safe!

Further reading:

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