Our Mission

Music is an essential part of our life. Music can make us happy, sad, angry, peaceful, stressed and calm. The right kind of music can be used to stimulate our mood in a specific direction and help us feel the way we want.

At Rainbow Kids Lullabies, we aim specifically to enhance positive mood feelings in early development stages. According to most leading researchers, the trauma of birth is probably one of the most disturbing experiences for a baby, thus, it is crucial to act and create a soothing, welcoming and comfortable surroundings for the child. Besides a parent’s love and affection, the baby’s living environment also plays a key role. Background soft and gentle music can provide a significant part of the well being feeling by transmitting a pleasant and relaxing auditory sensation.

Besides our soothing music, we also create animations that are crafted to not stimulate or trigger any negative feelings. No sudden movements that can trigger primary instinctive protective reflexes, no sudden lights changes that can induce stress because of the alarm instinct and no marked color contrast that can trigger the instinctive “danger; do not touch” reflex.

Rainbow Kids Lullabies music videos are analyzed with special software to access their safety for photosensitive persons and to attribute a “scare score” through an in-house developed algorithm.

Our mission is to help you and your baby be happy and peaceful through on of humanity’s common languages – music and images.

And remember, at Rainbow Kids Lullabies, we care.


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