The best music for babies or why you should choose our music videos over the others

If you search YouTube or Google, you will find numerous videos or sites with music for babies, unfortunately not many will provide you with a full sensorial experience or a danger free visualisation. Most videos will show you generic animations or visuals generated by music player plugins that can go from merely annoying to absolutely terrifying for a little baby, some are even dangerous, fast moving and rapid color changing visual can and will provoque diziness or seizures.

Our videos have none of that, our animations are carefully designed and tested to engage the children and provide a full experience without you beeing afraid of causing any kind of problem to your baby.

Our slow moving animations with carefully chosen colors will only induce peacefull and relaxing feelings, you don’t have to be afraid of stressing your baby because of cheap generic visualizations videos.


Please, visit and enjoy your YouTube Channel, you will not regret it.


Thank you.

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